FAI Logo
You are encouraged to display the FAI/IGC Logo on your competition home page. To receive a copy of the FAI/IGC Logo, please read the instructions available in the FAI StyleGuide, place your order on-line, and display the logo on your home page with a link to http://igcrankings.fai.org/index.php.
Submitting Competition Results to the IGC Ranking List
To submit the results for a competition please click here to download the Results Entry Form and save it to your PC.
Once you have completed the form please email the IGC Ranking System Administrator. I will try to upload results within 48 hours of receipt. If you have any questions please ask.
Importing data into the Results Form.
These instructions are based on using Excel 2000 and assumes the user has basic knowledge of using this application.
SeeYou users
It is very easy to download the competition results from www.soaringspot.com direct into the results form.
1. Open Microsoft Excel and open the results entry form. Place the cursor in cell C17 in the appropriate sheet e.g. for a standard class competition use the "Standard" spreadsheet.
2. Click Data > get External Data > New Web Query and a dialog box will be displayed.
3. Click Browse, a web browser will open, navigate to the "day by day" results of the competition. Return to MS Excel and the URL has been entered in section 1. Alternatively, simply paste the URL in the text box.
4. In section 2 select "Only the tables", in section 3 select "None" and click ok. After a few seconds the data should appear in the spreadsheet.
5. Enter the pilots ranking system IDs in column A. Click here to view a complete listing of all the pilots in the Ranking List alphabetically by surname along with their Pilot ID's.
6. If a pilot does not have a pilotid, simply leave the cell blank.
Use the method above to copy the competition results from any web page to the results form or complete the spreadsheet by hand.