The IGC Ranking List
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Ranking List
Rating Score Name Nationality Best Performance Class Year Position Image
5076 - 76.8 Zelda Yager FRA Championnat Régional Junior Occitanie Multiclass 19 17 No image
2403 - 625.2 Zachary Yamauchi USA US Nationals Standard 21 5 No image
3106 - 543.4 Kristina Yaroshevich RUS Cup of Russia Combi 21 14 No image
4366 - 334.0 Haluk Yildiz GBR British Nationals Club 17 32 No image
2684 - 596.4 Kari Ylihärsilä FIN Räyskälä Masters Racing 18 10 No image
962 - 792.2 Mikko Ylihärsilä FIN Räyskälä Open Club 21 3 No image
146 - 935.8 Mike Young GBR World Gliding Championships 18m 17 3
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